The Favorite Co.

A digital marketing consultancy that bans boring.

Client: The Favorite Co.

AD/Designer: Emily Jane Davis

The Favorite Co. is a digital marketing consultancy. Their brand logo is a rainbow made up of the colors of a retro rocket pop. This project was to create content for their new website that reflected the brand's identity and their messaging. The half circle shape of the rainbow became the north star of connectivity. Using that shape I was able to build off of the brand's story of bringing people together, building amazing work, and connecting with your Favorite Co.  

The design concept was to show all of the shapes connecting, building, and working together. They are all made with the brand's colors and tie back into the rainbow shape.

My role: Art direction, content concept, 3D design, and 3D rendering for website content. 

Creating the website's hero banner, by making the rainbow logo in 3D. 

The final hero banner image on the website 

Shapes: Taking the rainbow form and breaking it into half circles and circle shapes. Also bringing in sphere and cylinder shapes to create a dynamic composition, while staying within a circular design format.  

The designs were created and used to represent each of The Favorite Co.'s offerings. The shapes allude to the idea of building and connecting.

In this design, all of the shapes are connected and aligned. This was intentional for this image, to be used for The Favorite Co.'s brand story.  

The image of all of the shapes connected in the "Our Story" page on the website. Giving design context to how The Favorite Co. started by a group of people coming together.    

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