Calvin Klein

CK 50 Fragrance Campaign

Fragrance campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Calvin Klein.

Our concept was posters coming to life in the 80s, 90,s & 2000s. Each fragrance is representative of a Calvin Klein decade, Eternity & Obsession in the New York City subway in the 80s, CK One on a black and white wheatpaste poster in the 90s, and Euphoria in a 2000's bedroom surrounded by alternative wall posters. The videos were used on Calvin Klein's social and digital platforms.

  1. Details

    My role: Art Direction and design from the initial concept to final release. Designing the fragrance posters coming to life and directing the model videos that were filmed. As well as compositing each video with the fragrance bottles and delivering all formats.

    Agency: Sweden Unlimited

    Photographer: Jeremy Williams

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