Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment

Elizabeth Arden

Agency: Sweden Unlimited

AD: Emily Jane Davis

Model Photographer: Tom Schirmacher

Product Photographer: Robin Broadbent

Video Production: Welcome Management

Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment is powered by the super-charged antioxidant Idebenone, to strengthen skin’s natural defenses against skin-dulling pollutants. In this concept, we wanted to capture the Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment in a scientific, yet elevated aesthetic. 

My role: Art direction for the campaign. Including concept, design, print and social photography, and video direction.

Video Campaign

:30 Second Video

This is the how to video for the Prevage Progressive Renewal treatment. By highlighting the orange and white color palette and bringing in beautiful scientific elements, we were able to achieve this look.

Social Campaign

Product photography for digital and social platforms

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