Brighten the Season

Holiday 2019

Video Campaign

:30 Second Video

Elizabeth Arden

360 Holiday Campaign

Agency: Sweden Unlimited

AD: Emily Jane Davis

Print Product Photographer: Corey Maywalt

Model Photographer: Yulia Gorbachenko

Social Product Photographer: Will Styer

Prop Stylist: Beverley Hyde

Video Production: Industrial Color

In this concept, we highlight Elizabeth Arden products by bringing them into a magical light-filled world. The beautiful display of sparkles swirling through the golden environment alludes to the sense of magic we feel during the holiday season. The twist of light and Arden snowflake motif are used to create a beautiful transformative effect, set against the signature New York skyline.

My role: Art direction for the campaign. Including concept, design, print and social photography, and video direction.

Our video tells the story of a magical moment that takes place in New York City. We are shown the Elizabeth Arden Holiday gift box as products magically fly out of the box. We illuminate New York City through a golden environment and lights swirling throughout as we hero each product in the city. Light swirls start to appear and form into the holiday snowflake shape. The snowflake begins to break a part and trickle down, forming our NYC skyline made up of Elizabeth Arden products. By utilizing the light painting technique and glimmers as our visual elements, we are able to tell our magical Elizabeth Arden holiday story.

Social Campaign

Magic Moments in the Day, Night, & Evening

In our social concept we get a glimpse into magical moments happening between two friends during the holiday season. We follow the girls through a morning of self care and wrapping presents, an evening of getting ready for a holiday party, and a night of exchanging gifts before heading out to their party. This concept incorporates the warm and celebratory feelings that the holidays bring out of people, which creates these magic moments

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