Elizabeth Arden Year of the Pig

Elizabeth Arden

2019 Chines New Years Campaign

Agency: Sweden Unlimited

AD: Emily Jane Davis

Paper Craft Artist: Arielle Casale

Photographer: Francisco de Deus

3D Artist: Maxwell Sorenson

For this Chinese New Years campaign, my role was to conceptualize, design, & art direct all deliverables. The campaign featured the Pig, which is the Zodiac animal for 2019.

My role: Art direction and design for the video, print, and digital assets.

Below is the concept storyboard that I designed for our papercraft production. 

The decorated red door door opens up to reveal a handmade paper craft world and the pig travels throughout in pursuit of unknown riches. Elizabeth Arden products and different environments move in and out; exposing worlds of imagination and excitement. We see the story end with our paper pig in the last frame surrounded by unlimited wealth and fortune. ​

Style frames from the final video​

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